Sunday, September 14, 2008

Queen Creek and Pinal County Keeping it Real

I've been reading that the town of Queen Creek wants to keep a sort of rural farm theme going as the town develops. This means public art with farm themes ie. metal cows, tractors everything with a sort of modern rusty look. These are the themes I am seeing at the new shopping hubs in the area.
I wonder how the new giant high voltage franken-poles for the new substations that are to run through town will fit into that theme.

I love the way some of our surrounding cities are disguising cell phone towers to look like tall palm trees.
I vote for a giant cowboy power pole sort of like the old Vegas cowboy. This would make it interesting AND a tourist attraction. Maybe he could point the way to the Olive Mill or San Tan Flats which are two of the most original and classy and fun places in the area.

On the edge of Queen Creek, Pinal County is taking this rural / farm theme a to a whole 'nuther level.

Landscaping in the medians are au natural with tumbleweeds growing right down the middle of the streets. Some are even big enough to block your view in a turn lane. We also have natural tumbleweed removal - it's called monsoon winds.

On a recent week we all had the pleasure of a dead cow laying on the side of the road. Now THAT has a rural country feel. The majority of the homeowners in the area do not have a rural farming background so this was a super treat as many of us have never seen a dead cow in full view before.

I personally like a prettied up "rose colored glasses" view so we don't scare the tourists away.

Way to go Pinal county for Keeping it Real. What a great theme for a beautification project. Who needs metal cows when you can have the real thing.