Saturday, November 29, 2008

Local Christmas Decor

These giant Christmas balls were spotted at the Queen Creek Market Place.

'Tis the Season.

Breakfast at Schnepf Farms Restaurant

I wanted to show a few more photos of the quaint restaurant at Schnepf Farms. The few times I have been there it was not very busy and the food was very good. I hope more locals will patronize this place as it is very nice.

Jars of goodies for sale.

We bought some of these awesome fresh cookies. Delicious!

Cotton Harvest

I've taken a few photos to share of the local cotton bales. These were beside the side of the road next to the fields. I find this fascinating.

The cotton fields are very pretty right now with cotton ready to be harvested. I think the fields look like popcorn balls. So pretty.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Queen Creek Farmers Market

This Saturday was the first Queen Creek Farmers Market. It was held at the in front of the new Queen Creek Library. This happens to be a great place to hold an event like this.

The event was very nice and organized. They had a DJ and later a live band. It had a cool community event feel to it with families walking around with their tots and dogs.

My only wish is that there were more farm fresh veggies for sale. There were only about two vendors who actually sold produce and the choices were limited. The majority of the vendors were selling handmade items and crafts. I'm not complaining too much as the craft vendors were great. There were wool vendors who spun their own wool, a booth from the Olive Mill and Schnepf Farms. There was a lovely woman who made awesome greeting cards. A number of excellent jewelry and beading booths. I made a few cool purchases myself and as usual made a few impulse buys.

I met up with a friend from Gilbert who has not spent much time in QC. After we left the farmers market we drove over to Schnepf farms and had breakfast at their restaurant. I had never eaten there before and was pleasantly surprised. We had a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon and biscuits topped off with some delicious coffee. It was very relaxing and the food was great.

We continued our Queen Creek themed Saturday morning by crossing the street to the olive mill to stock up on some excellent olive oil. Oh my... they just happened to have a wine tasting event. Another nice surprise.
After our wine tasting we headed over to the Pork Shop so that I could stock up on my favorite bacon and pepper sticks. Gotta contribute to the local economy.
This was such a fun morning that I'd highly recommend this mini-tour of Queen Creek to anyone. I am not sure when the next Farmers Market will take place in QC but when I hear about it I will post it.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Library Opening Flag Ceremony

The Cub Scouts of Queen Creek did a wonderful job at the flag raising ceremony at the grand opening of the Queen Creek library.

Library Grand Opening Today

The new Queen Creek Library opens today!
10 - 2
21802 S. Ellsworth Rd
Ellsworth Road north of Ocotillo Rd.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks for Voting

Thanks for voting. It's nice to know that we can vote peacefully and orderly. Way to go Queen Creek.
God Bless John McCain, God Bless Barack Obama and God Bless America.