Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ten New Years Wishes for Queen Creek

10 New Years Wishes Queen Creek and surrounding areas. (not necessarily in this order).

1. That city and county planners make a moratorium on new housing developments in the area. We'd like for our homes to retain their value and this would help immensely. We have more than enough new or almost new empty houses in the area.

3. That we continue to see quality restaurants and retail move in the area.

4. That developers and the city work to make our community walkable or bike friendly with wide sidewalks and bike trails.

5. That taggers find some other outlet for their art besides scribbling nonsensical signatures and the like all over town.

6. That the community supports deserving local businesses so that they can thrive and afford to pay their rent and continue providing us businesses with local flavor.

7. That employers with decent wages decide to locate in Queen Creek and that the businesses that have been in the area for year continue to experience success.

8. That more people care about their community and neighborhoods and get to know their neighbors on a more intimate level. (This is on my personal list for this year)

9. That people take pride in their community starting with their own properties.

10. That Pinal County and Queen Creek powers that be take each other into consideration before making decisions that affect their neighbors.

Please feel free to add to my list.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Queen Creek Lights

Nice Christmas light display near Ellsworth and Ocotillo.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Walk Score Jumps 13 points

In October of 2007 I blogged about the Queen Creek Walk Score.

The Walk Score is a number between 0 and 100. The walkability of an address depends on how far you are comfortable walking—after all, everything is within walking distance if you have the time.

Here are general guidelines for interpreting your score:

90 - 100 = Walkers' Paradise: Most errands can be accomplished on foot and many people get by without owning a car.

70 - 90 = Very Walkable: It's possible to get by without owning a car.

50 - 70 = Some Walkable Locations: Some stores and amenities are within walking distance, but many everyday trips still require a bike, public transportation, or car

.25 - 50 = Not Walkable: Only a few destinations are within easy walking range. For most errands, driving or public transportation is a must.

0 - 25 = Driving Only: Virtually no neighborhood destinations within walking range. You can walk from your house to your car!
In October of 2007 the Queen Creek Walk Score using zip code 85242 was 46. We have risen to the ranks of 63! We are now somewhat walkable.

If you are interested here is the link to the Walk Score site to check your own Walk Score.

I'd love to hear your comments about the walkability of Queen Creek and the Queen Creek Area.