Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good Life Festival - San Tan Valley

Two weekends ago my husband and I attended the Good Life Festival at Encanterra. The show included Pat Benetar and her husband along with Eddie Money.

I wanted to recommend this venue. We really enjoyed ourselves and if you are like us, we loved the fact that we did not have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to see a show and then drive home. The show was also in the afternoon.

We bought the mid-priced seats at $40. After fees for the two of us we paid $103 to attend. Our seats were in Section 2 in about the middle of the seats with a direct view of the stage. It was not too crowded and the show was very good. The crowd was pretty mellow and the average age of the crowd was about 50 years old. The music was perfect for those of us reliving our 20's as the rockers were also the same age (but still rockin' it).

There is a VIP option and then a lawn option. The lawn option is with blankets. I feel that any of the seats were great but if you are like me I like to sit so the $40 were good for me.

Parking - Parking is $5. You are directed away from the venue and have to walk a bit to get back to the concert area. You are also conveniently walking through the model home area. VIP parking is $25. When we left, we did not have to walk the circuit again as there were buses that took you back to the parking lot.

If you go, be prepared to buy food and drink as you cannot bring this in with you. Also, wear a hat and dress cool. The weather was perfect at the show we attended but if the Arizona weather starts to break it could get crazy hot. No shade.

I would recommend the shows. The next one is going to be March 29th. See this link for more details.