Sunday, January 27, 2008

Signs of the Times in Queen Creek

Queen Creek has a definite struggle between being the agricultural community it once was and a community of urban sprawl.

Here are a few photos and commentary for January 2008.
Let's start with Queen Creek Road, East of Signal Butte soon to be "Recreation Station".

The sign states: This park has been identified as an ACTIVE PARK site. Active park amenities may include, but are not limited to: lighted sports fields, recreation buildings, dog park, lake, restroom facilities, aquatic facilities, sports courts, trailhead, maintenance facilities, skate park and equestrian amenities. Master plan and Amenities to be determined by the end of 2007. (HUH?)

Meanwhile across the street....... a sign from the Arnold Anglin Dairy farm.

The Dairy's sign is providing FAIR WARNING to developers and relocators that if you move next to a working dairy farm you may smell cow poop and share your neighborhood with cows! Don't bitch later that it smells. If you move next to a WORKING DAIRY your gonna smell cows and other stuff! Right on Arnold!

(Friendly reminder - they were here first!)Meanwhile across the street again...... TA DA! The Barney Family Sports complex. It looks nothing like the illustration on the sign. I hope the Dairy does not have to complain about stinky kids running around sweating making noise and kicking balls around.

Does it look like the illustration on the sign to you? Keep it moving folks. Let's move a little west on Queen Creek going towards Ellsworth.

TA DA! More orange barrels! I feel a road widening coming on.
My favorite bottleneck at quarter till 7 on a work week. (Road Closed? What the....)

Arghhhh! Why is there a backup here on a Saturday? It makes no sense.Next stop... Ellsworth to Germann. What's new here this week?

Coming soon! An Italian Bistro. Viva Italiano, no more Chef Boyardee for me.

Well, that concludes the signage tour January 2008. I really need to get a life :)
Please enjoy a few more photos from around the area.
Queen Creek Road, A sure sign of future construction or destruction.

A fresh tumbleweed farm near Williams Gateway Airport.

Another sign of future construction - a fence and a big ole truck parked in a field.
Some views near the 202 and San Tan Village Shopping area.

Homes creeping up on farm land.
Free Advice: Watch out for orange barrels, avoid Ironwood and be kind to farmers on tractors... they were here first! See you in bumper to bumper on Monday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Make Friends, Share your Fruit

Don't waste that fruit if you have fruit trees. Share it with friends and neighbors. Don't let it rot on the tree. Fresh fruit from our trees is so much better than the grocery store variety. Sharing is a great way to meet your neighbors. If you don't have neighbors, share them at work. A co-worker gave me lemons, my favorite.

What do you do with your fruit or gifts of fruit?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Post Office 85242

Sheesh, you would think that the US Post office would realize that Queen Creek needs a new post office. If you haven't experienced their parking lot it is akin to a demolition derby getting in and out of there.
The Saturday hours are ridiculous. 12-2. What the???? At least put in one of those self service machines so that working people can actually have packages mailed without waiting in line. (Refer to photo of line above).

I am not anti-post office. I come from a family of postal workers. I just wanted to share my frustrations. I mailed a package this Saturday and the line was out the door at 1:30. There were 15 people in front of me and 15 behind me. Very frustrating.