Saturday, February 28, 2009

Apache Junction Lost Dutchman Days

This week is the Apache Junction Lost Dutchman days. For a schedule of events follow this link:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Around the QC

My apologies as I have not been keeping up with my documentation of the area. Here are a few recent photos of the area and my own commentary.

Off Ironwood at the dirt track. Have you noticed that the photo enforcement van has not been out there lately?

Some ranch land on Ironwood.

I've been seeing signs lately for a "Farmers Market". I stopped and the markets have been more like a craft show. In my opinion there are not enough farm products being sold to be considered a farmers market. Call it what it is - a craft show. Don't get me wrong. I am thrilled that someone is trying to get things started but we need more fresh farm goods for sale.

Filbertos has taken the spot where the Mexican restaurant was at Ironwood and Ocotilllo.

A new local coffee shop opens on Ocotillo at Ironwood. Please note Bear Creek Coffee has a drive thru. Help support our local coffee shop.

Under construction in front of The Links golf course. This building looks like it may be the new Fresh and Easy.

More construction on Ocotillo.

View on the corner of Gantzell and Combs. That space is filling up quick. They now have a KFC. Also, please note that the Fry's has FRESH sushi.