Sunday, June 28, 2009

Around Town

Local photos from the San Tan Valley area in June.
Queen Creek Farmers Market.

Red Rainbow seen on Ironwood / Gantzel.

Banner Ironwood Medical Center coming along nicely.

Click here for information about this project.

The new Poston Butte High School, also coming along nicely.
Click here for more information about the upcoming school year at Poston Butte.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rebuttal to a previous post.


I may not post all comments in the body of an actual post but this one is a rebuttal to this previous post from another commenter.

Anonymous said...
Who are the 200 people Sup. Martyn supposedly queried to move forward with Bella Vista, AZ prior to this vote? A whopping .0025 percent of the 80,000 residents of this unincorporated area.
This area should remain Queen Creek until it incorporates and ALL are enabled to vote on a community name.If it weren't for the newspaper articles and a couple of HOA newsletters with info. on this vote it wouldn't have been known to the dismal 2,000 people that voted. A whopping 2.5 percent of the residents.
Did you know Sup. Martyn already mailed in a letter to the USPS on June 11th requesting with the zip code change that a name change to Bella Vista be made? Talk about the wagon leading the horse... Give me a break. This was a scam. Thought he could sweep it under the rug. And let's see just how much more taxpayer money is wasted when a "revote" occurs during the election cycle because people will be outraged over the new name "San Tan Valley".
Another politician all about himself, way ahead of himself. Doesn't think he needs to consult others on his actions, even when it affects them.
June 24, 2009 12:56 PM

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Evolution of San Tan Valley?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

San Tan Valley Number One Name Choice at Vote

The press is stating that the number one choice of names for the unincorporated area near Queen Creek per a vote at the community meeting this week was.... San Tan Valley followed by Bella Vista.

Personally this blogger feels that although the name Bella Vista is beautiful, locals were upset that the name appeared to be pre-chosen for them and possibly voted for a different name in retaliation. Whatever the reason at least the residents of this area had a say.

Please click here for an article about Mondays meeting and vote.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vote on San Tan Area re-naming Tomorrow

All joking aside...

The Greater San Tan Area Coalition website has the forms for submitting your vote on the re-naming of the unincorporated area between Florence and Queen Creek. Click here for ballot and more information.

Of note on the website is a tab titled Notifications. Kudos to Tisha Castillo for this notice .

Sadly the local newspapers and Pinal county did little to get the news out to the locals in the area. News articles mentioned the name change but provided little detail on where the vote was taking place. So click on the links above and pass on this information to your friends and neighbors - this "vote" is tomorrow.

The list of names currently up for consideration are:

Acacia Valley
Mountain View
Palo Verde Hills
Bella Verde
Poston Butte
Bella Vista
Primrose Hill
Saguaro Valley
Cholla Valley
Cholla Vista
San Tan Area
San Tan East
Goldmine Valley
San Tan Ridge
San Tan Trails
Ironwood Heights
San Tan Valley
Ironwood Vista
San Tan Vistas
Valle Del Sol

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meeting Monday to Vote on San Tan / Queen Creek area name change

Instead of me interpreting an article for you please read this article regarding the name change and upcoming vote regarding the unincorporated area in Pinal County.

Opinion from Anonymous regarding last post.

Anonymous said...
The poll is not a secret, it's on-going and will be available online tonight through the GSTAC website. There is also a public meeting 6/22 @ 6:30pm @ Circle Cross Ranch Elementary School. Residents may vote online prior to the meeting or in person (paper ballet) the night of the meeting. Rather than propagating misinformation, you might try to get some facts -- or at least make an effort to understand the situation. I've lived in this unincorporated area for several years now. We are not in Queen Creek. In fact, the town of QC doesn't want us! They are concerned with the high numbers of foreclosures in our area and the potential negative impact on their town image. Ask them...see what they say.As for Bryan Martyn being a rouge supervisor...well, I for one support our elected leaders in being decisive and pro-active. Have you talked to Bryan? If you do you might get a better handle on his motives. There is no unified voice or even a largely distributed newspaper in this area. You have an opportunity with this blog to provide residents with useful information. Instead, you've squandered that opportunity in lieu of taking pot shots at one of a few individuals that's trying to move things forward in our community.
June 19, 2009 8:07 AM

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Secret Vote to name unicorporated Queen Creek Area

Please read this article from the Arizona Republic.

Rogue Pinal County supervisor Bryan Martyn has taken it upon his self to try and name the unincorporated area near Queen Creek on his own. Evidently there is a vote to be had on Monday but according to the article int he Arizona Republic Martyn and other organizers were still unable to say where the vote will be held.

Why not give others a chance to make suggestions for naming the area. This is so wrong! Haven't the people who bought homes here who were under the impression they lived in "Queen Creek" suffered enough without some politician deciding what he would like our area to be called. Put it to a real vote dude. What's your rush.

I'm with Tisha Castillo, president of the San Tan Area Chamber of Commerce in asking that this vote be delayed. There is no need for your stealth secret vote. Just because you have visited a couple of homeowner meetings does not give you the right to name our area. What's your rush? What's your motive?

Readers, and twitterers, if you have a good new name for our area let's hear it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Queen Creek wants you to shop local!

I'll get right on that as soon as we have some more fun places to shop.

We'd love the idea of shopping local. I love the idea of a farmers market but the farmers markets in our town are actually craft shows with maybe one person selling fresh produce. The selection is slim.

I'm waiting for the new Fresh and Easy to open here in Queen Creek.

Click here for a little reading about Queen Creek and the shop local craze.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Rain

Cloud action. Getting ready for some rain.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horse Soccer Anyone?

As you know their are a few horse lovers in the Queen Creek / Pinal County area. There is a new game in town and it is called Horse Soccer. There is even a Horse Soccer League in our area called the Arizona Horse Soccer League.

Click here and here for more information.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Queen Creek Marketing Plan

The East Valley Tribune ran an article titled "Queen Creek developing marketing plan". I wanted to make a few comments as I learned a few things about Queen Creek in this article.
1. Did you know that Queen Creek has a marketing department?
2. Did you know that Queen Creek had a marketing phrase?
"Convenience of the city, comforts of the country".
According to the article "Queen Creek is getting ready to embark on a branding initiative to define the down as a destination - not a bedroom community of the outskirts of the Valley"
The town spokeswoman stated that Queen Creek is "more than just homes" "There's a lot of culture that happens out here, like Schnepf Farms and the perming arts center and horseshoe Park".
The article indicated that the town is looking for branding and marketing ideas.
I can save you a million in marketing right now - let's twitter about it. If you have a twitter account and find something worth twittering about in Queen Creek, tweet about it. Use the words "Queen Creek" in your tweet. Anyone who does a search on Queen Creek on twitter will get tons of information. Yes it's a wild card. Some of it may not be the message that the town council would want to get out but it would be a real bites of information about the area.
I'm starting my Queen Creek tweets today. Feel free to follow my tweets by clicking the Twitter link on this blog. Tell the world what you want them to know about Queen Creek. I hope most of it is positive but also honest.
I'd love to hear more about other places in the Queen Creek area besides Schnepf Farms. I'm talking Queen Creek Olive Mill, I'm talking The Pork Shop, I'm talking Sushi Creek. I'm talking Queen Creek Library. You may get a bad tweet from me about the Queen Creek Post Office... but hey I'm talking honesty here.
Please share with me any other ideas you have about promoting Queen Creek. I'd be happy to share your comments on this blog.