Sunday, April 13, 2008

Country Club Event at Encanterra

The new country club and lifestyle community on Combs Road advertised a special event in the paper last week. From 4-7 they had a free concert featuring Apple and Rave billed as a British invasion concert. The ad said to bring a blanket and a chair. Food and drink was available for purchase.

Ok, for once there was an event that was actually close to my house and FREE! Need I say more. So we drove on over at 4. As you drove in through the gates immediately you saw a police car. Was this to make you feel comfortable or was it to keep the non-golfer rif raf out? As we drove through the winding golf course road to the clubhouse area we encountered more Security. It seemed they were expecting not only a huge crowd but a rowdy out of control mob.

When we walked into the event area there were a handful of people on the lawn with their lawn chairs at the ready. The chefs had some outdoor grills set up and a taped off area with tables and chairs for dining. We found a spot on the veranda and sat in some comfy outdoor lounge chairs where we had a nice view of the area. We did a little people watching.

Give these poor boys some shade.

The stage was set up out in the middle of the lawn. Granted it was a sunny Arizona day and at 4 pm it is HOT. There was no shade for the British invasion band. To top it off they were wearing black suits. Poor babies. The music was good but I felt sorry for them the whole time as they were in the sun, facing the sun and had only a handful of people in the audience. I think if the event had been held later in the evening they may have had more attendance.

The golf course is nice. You can see the lots staked off for some of the sold homes near the clubhouse. The clubhouse was also nice but seemed a bit small. If you are a golfer I'm sure this course and it's location will be very appealing to you. Shea homes builds a great house. I know because I live in one myself.

We took a tour of the home models. I LOVE visiting model homes. I love checking out the decor and landscaping. You can get some great ideas. Encanterra had about 10 models. Some of the decor was odd to me but much of it was fantastic. I loved the small courtyard entrances on some of the homes and the outdoor rooms were impressive. The models are right on the golf course so the backyard views were pretty good. Some of the homes had huge sliding doors so that when the weather is good you could pretty much open up the whole back of the house to the outdoors.

I did not photograph it but the men in our party went wild over a "secret room" in one of the models. So here is a good reason to check out the models (Shea homes, I'll take my kick-back now). If they did not point it out to you, you would not know it was there. Secret entrance to a wonderfully dark paneled man-cave.

Nice decor.
Not my personal style but interesting. 70's throw-back.

Comfy. Watch the golfers stroll by from the comfort of your bed. Just remember, if you can see them, they can probably see you too.

Man- porch alert ! Note the flat screen above the outdoor fireplace.

I felt bad that Encanterra did not have a better turnout for their event. I realize that this will be a private gated community and golf course but it would be nice if once the homes are sold and built that they might hold a few events for the community as the setting was very nice and conducive to a community concert. Queen Creek needs some nice upscale community events that don't involve hay rides and $7 bottled water. (you know who you are.)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Queen Creek is changing quickly. I notice new structures daily. I thought I had better photograph a few before they go away. I wish I would have photographed the farm at Ironwood and Ocotillo before it was torn down. I loved the chickens that would dart around the yard. The old house looked like you had stepped back in time.

The new structures are popping up so fast. We are in between the rural and the new. Some of the houses are pretty small and some are almost shack-like. Those are the structures that I foresee disappearing as quickly as the new structures are popping up.

I'm not sure what our little town is becoming. Only time will tell. I was perusing the Town of Queen Creeks website and found their Mission Statement and thought I would share it with you.

Here is the Town of Queen Creeks Mission Statement as stated on their website. It is titled Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Plan:

Town of Queen Creek Vision. The Town of Queen Creek strives to honor our past, manage our present and embrace our future to create a quality, unique place for families and businesses.
Town of Queen Creek Mission: It is the mission of the Town of Queen Creek to provide a framework for a high quality of life, promote a strong sense of community and provide responsive public services in a caring, ethical, innovative and accountable manner.
Town of Queen Creek Values: In support of its mission statement, the Town of Queen Creek believes in the following values: • Quality service that is honest, trustworthy, professional, fair and efficient • Unified vision for the future through ongoing community dialogue • Empathetic listening to the needs and concerns of the community • Enthusiastic application of creativity to find solutions • Never missing an opportunity to assist a customer • Communication that is honest, timely and accurate • Responsibility for personal actions and recognizing their impact on the workplace and community • Encourage involvement by all to ensure that the diversity of the community is represented in decision making • Environmentally sound planning and practices that will ensure natural resources for future generations • Kindness in all dealings with residents, customers, partners and employees .

The mission statement sounded so familiar..... Oh, I know ....
On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

The Girl Scout Law
I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.
Words to live by. Amen.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Invasion of Franken-poles

I am Franken-pole.

Have you noticed the sudden rising of giganto fugly iron-man industrial electronic poles in the 85242? I have affectionately dubbed them Franken-Poles. When I see them I can hear the monster from the movie Young Frankenstein singing "Puttin' on the Ritz".

I come in peace.
I wonder who thought this was an attractive idea? Male, Female? Hmmmm. (no comment) It had to be someone really practical who wanted them to last a looooong loooong time. At least we will get our tax payer moneys worth as these will be around for a few thousand years. Our futuristic Mad Max type predecessors will love them and possibly worship them.

Come worship me on the corner of Sossaman and Ocotillo, I will be there FOREVER!Franken-pole Jr.
Mocha Latte Franken-pole. Grande'
The sturdiest street lights in the county that can be found off the freeway. There must have been a sale that week at ugly- industrial poles- are- us.
I guess I should have attended that town of Queen Creek planning meeting eh? I'm just sayin'....