Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm baaaaaack.

Greetings from Queen Creek, San Tan Valley & Pinal County. I've been off the blogging path for quite a while, partly because not much had changed in the area in a while an I just did not think there was much to blog about. Recently there have been a few activities in the area that seem to tell me that we are in growth mode again in the QC area. We have a new freeway extension being built near the Mesa Gateway airport and a new housing development un the same area. I've noticed that the traffic has certainly increased during my morning commute going north on Ironwood. The last time I saw this much traffic and this many trucks was during the fist housing boom here 8 years ago. Much has changed. The area now has it's own little hospital, Banner Ironwood. There are a few more new small businesses popping up. Not too many smoke shops and cash advance stores that I was fearing. A few of the original businesses are still faring well. My favorites of course are Sushi Creek, The Olive Mill, the Pork Shop and Schnepfs Farms. These four staples are the best of the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses that I love. So, there are some new ventures happening around the area that deserve some note and I hope to rev up this blog and talk about them. If you have a favorite you'd like for me to discuss or review, please send me a note. Thanks, QCEVO


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm from Queen Creek and have been feeling kind of homesick and curious lately, so I was so glad to see this blog on my rss feed again. Looking forward to the updates. :)

Unknown said...

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